CHRIS TSONIA'S CURRENT  NEW PROJECT

            ABSTRACT & POP ART MADE ONLY  WITH TEXTILE - FABRIC                                                       WITHOUT ANY USE OF PAINT


                        Current & Past projects 

  Chris Tsonias In collaboration with Thierry Noir

  The Thierry Noir Museum  &  Jazz - Thierry Noir

Chris Tsonia's collaborates with Noir to bring to three-dimensional sculptural life a selection of Noir's most iconic images and characters. These take the form of sculptures, fully playable musical instruments and audio speakers.

Howard Griffin Gallery London - Thierry Noir Museum                                                   18 May 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 

Howard Griffin Gallery London - Jazz  Thierry  noir                                                   25th June to 22th August 2015



Innovative recycled musical instruments, fully playable, made from paper card and fabric. Musicians and musical ensembles, played with these musical instruments proving in practice  art, ecology and music can be perfectly combined to offer an alternative eco - friendly proposal and entertainment.


art made out of small metal pieces, Piano made of polycarbonate material,  Typewriter made out of paper, AUDIO SYSTEM & LOUDSPEAKER,digital artwork, Mixed media material artwork, 3D installation.

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