Abstract Art

Because I've never been a good painter, but passionate fans of this art and artist also too, i decided to deal with her, however with my own Alternate way.
Artworks full of colours, looks  like abstract art paintings, made with brush and spatula - knife technique but made without any use of paint.
With the use of alternative materials, such a fabrics - textile only and using techniques who learned and developments from my involvement with the construction of my musical instruments from these materials.
Unique and unusual work and technique , with very interesting texture
and I made it with the intention to emit musicality. 
Always passionate about new things, uniquely, new open field and new possibilities to be discoveries and refinements.
I managed, an the  initial result has left me quite satisfied.

Pop Art

After I use my new technique to create an Abstract artwork only from textile-fabric material without any use of paint , suddenly i inspired and  i have one new creative idea to mixed this new abstract technique and style  with a Pop Art style and to create a new mixed media technique and style .
In my first works I use fabrics for the creation of the background and paper for the figures. My purpose is in to my next artworks to use almost entirely textile-fabrics and only.
Very original creation which combine an abstract and pop style in one with new technique and material.

         Hello, if you like to see the pictures in big dimension & more dεtails please make        right click to the photo you want to see & after click at "open link in a new window"