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Unusual Metal painting

Table made from small metal pieces such a hunting shot, pieces of wire, aluminum skimming, bronze small ball, etc, glued piece by piece, with the similar techniques of mosaic, on wooden, or other alternative material panels.

Polycarbonate stage grandpiano.

Stage grand piano made from polycarbonate semi transparent material with lights inside, digital piano or synthesizer keyboard  and very low weight. Unique and unusual creation ideal for musical events, gigs and concert.


Polycarbonate DJ - bar stand & stage piano

This big one semi transparent construction (230cm long) with lights inside, is a Dj - bar stand where people can stay and drink something, but also you can use it as a big stage grand piano.

Loudspeakers & Audio system

Loud speakers & Audio system made from paper , textile, card & foam board in unusual design and shape (Thierry Noir sculpture, musical instruments & other sculpture & form, etc ). With the speaker inside ( invisible) or outside (visible) , wired or with Bluetooth & Wifi technology. The quality of sound depends of the wishes and financial capacity of the buyer.

3D art painting without paint

Original pieces of art made with newspapers and other papers, without any other use of additional colors, except only for the lines. In 3D style and many different sizes ( from small to very large). These are just a samples.