ArtEcoArt Chris Tsonias Innovative full playable Recycled Musical Instruments & Orchestras Art & Design, Bio-organic products made from paper, textile, fabric, cardboard, olive kernel, grape Marc, etc.

Art is all you need

My philosophy, my purpose is the creation of useful & innovation objects with low impact for the environment, with a process which turns waste and used materials into one-off unique Art pieces, so to demonstrates a commitment the ecological sustainability in the world we live in.
For this reason, I recycling, reduce, reuse, waste & Bio alternative materials such a paper, textile, fabric, cardboard, plastic, leather, woods, olive kernel, remnants of grape Marc, etc.
So, here is the place where Art, Music & Design meets & combine with Ecology, entertainment & innovation.
Full playable recycled musical instruments & loudspeakers, Piano Bike Bar, wall decorative Art in pop & abstract style, sculptures, unusual furniture, packaging & decorative boxes, light lamp and many other Art objects is some of my product.
I undertake renovations and decoration of houses and shops with special constructions and innovative materials. Gift boxes and packaging for various companies with innovative biomaterial.
With various musical ensembles using recycled musical instruments we participate in various musical events, festivals, exhibitions, promotions, productions, advertising, concerts and other types of events.